Payment policy

Payments are to be made with wire transfer in JPY upon an invoice which Epic Japan issues at the following timing. By making the payment, you acknowledge that you have read and understood the Epic Japan Disclaimer, and you consider yourself to have accepted it. This signifies your agreement to the risks associated with the tour and the aforementioned precautions.

Planning fee

Planning fee is to be paid when you agree with a budget plan which shows itinerary and estimated total cost of your travel in Japan at best estimation basis. Please be advised that figures in the plan keep changing as it gets more accurate when Epic Japan starts actual arrangements upon the payment.

Guide fee

Deposit of Guide fee is to be paid when you agree with a budget plan which shows itinerary to hold guide’s schedule. The remaining Guide fee is to be paid by the end of November (custom trips for mid winter) or two weeks prior to the first day of the trip (public invitation events and custom trips for other season).

In case of cancellation, Epic Japan will refund the fee deducting cancellation charge below and actual wire transfer fee. 

Other Cost

Epic Japan will advise an appropriate timing for each payment. Generally speaking Japanese accommodation doesn’t require any deposit and you can make a payment at check out. Please note that this doesn’t mean you are not subject to pay the cancellation charge if any.

Cancellation policy

In case of cancellation, Epic Japan charges the following cancellation fee depending on the date of notification. Please note all deposits are non refundable.

Planning fee

Deposit to start arranging a trip 100%

Guide fee based on the first day of the trip

Custom trips for mid winter (January to February)

Until the end of September10%
Until the end of November30%
After December100%

Public invitation events and custom trips for the other seasons (March to December)

– 14 days before10%
13 – 3 days before30%
2days before or later100%

Other Cost

Cancellation fee of all other costs depend on each cancellation policy of a service provider or a vender since all transactions are directly between those service providers or venders and yourself. Epic Japan notices cancellation policies when we arrange them.

Cancellation by Epic Japan

In case of cancellation by Epic Japan, all of guide fee and planning fee already made will refund. Please advised that we can’t refund the other costs between service providers or venders.


Epic Japan’s tours involve inherent wilderness activities with a potential risk of death in extreme cases. While our guides strive to enhance safety through continuous skill and knowledge updates, it is impossible to eliminate all risks, and we cannot guarantee your safety 100%. By registering for our tours, you acknowledge and accept the following precautions:

  • Follow the guide’s instructions throughout the tour and cooperate for everyone’s enjoyment.
  • Tour schedules may be altered or canceled during the trip due to weather, route conditions, or participant skills.
  • It is advisable to purchase rescue insurance at least one day before your scheduled activity.
  • Epic Japan is not liable for accidents or injuries during the tour, except in cases of intentional or negligent acts.
  • In the event of an injury, Epic Japan will provide on-site first aid and arrange for medical assistance, but subsequent actions are not our responsibility.
  • If an injury or nearby accident occurs during the tour, priority will be given to addressing the immediate situation, and the tour may be suspended.
  • Epic Japan carries liability insurance for the facility (mountain guides) with coverage of ¥200 million per person for bodily injury, ¥500 million per accident, and ¥5 million per accident for property.
  • Our guide service covers from the trailhead to the lower entrance of the mountain.
  • The guide vehicle may be used for transportation, but it is not considered part of the tour. In case of an accident, coverage is limited to your automobile insurance policy.
  • You are responsible for intentional or careless damage, theft, or loss of rental/loaned items. The cost of repair or replacement is your responsibility, and proper equipment management during use is essential.

By participating in our tours, you confirm your understanding and acceptance of these terms and conditions.