We have tremendous hiking routes all over Japan from forest walking to 3000m high hut-to-hut hiking.

Please click the following sample plans so that you can imagine more.

Camping and Hiking in Tateyama – Two days

Let’s go camping!

Tateyama area is an ideal camping place for beginners and experts.

One day excursion in Nagano, Monkey Park and Togakushi Shrine

One day excursion. The typical itinerary is

9:00 Meeting somewhere around Nagano station and driving to Monkey Park

9:45 Walking for 20 min after parking and watching monkeys

11:00 Driving to Togakushi after walking back to the parking

12:00 Lunch at a soba noodle restaurant

13:00 Driving to the nearest parking to the upper shine of Togakushi Shrine

13:15 Walking on an approach for 30 min and making a wish at the shrine

14:30 Driving back to somewhere around Nagano station

15:30 Finishing

Guide Fee: 40,000 JPY/group (Guide’s expense is included)

  • This is for groups less than 4 people.
  • Entrance fee of 800 JPY/person for Monkey Park is added on.
  • Lunch is not included.

Dosojin, ancient community guardian hopping in Azumino

Azumino city has a beautiful bucolic setting with natural springs and also a grounding in faith of numerous Gods such as Dosojin.

In this excursion we walk to hop goodies according to season.

Duration: 4 -5 hours

Guide Fee: 40,000 JPY/group (Guide’s expense is included)

Mt. Fuji Climb, the highest peak in Japan

Mt. Fuji is the highest peak (3,776m) in Japan and it’s open to hikers in summer. Nothing difficult technically but it requires endurance. There are so many group tours but you have to adjust to other participants and it’s not very comfortable sometime, especially with kids. We offer a private tour only for your group so that you don’t need to worry about bothering others or being bothered by others.

If you wish to watch sunrise on the mountain, the following is the best option.

Day1 Meeting at Mishima station of Tokaido Shinkansen and driving to the 5th station of Fujinomiya-guchi (80 min) then hiking to the 8th station

Day2 Hiking to the summit and watching sunrise. Getting back to the 5th station and driving to Mishima station

Guide Fee: 100,000 JPY/group (Guide’s expense is included)

  • Mountain hut cost approx. 10,000 JPY/person is to be added
  • If a group is larger than 5 people, transportation between Mishima station and the 5th station is to be increased

Mt. Yarigatake hiking from Kamikochi for three days