Powder Skiing

Mt. Furano on blue bird day

It’s needless to say that we have super quality of powder snow in Japan. It’s getting more and more popular and more and more people come to Japan now from all over the world.

From mid – January to February it’s almost guaranteed that you can enjoy fresh powder, if you stay for more than one week.

We have a long list of destinations which offers you the best snow holiday ever. From a resort to real back country we are ready to provide you a customized experience.

If you are interested, please contact us as early as possible ideally before May. Some good places and professional guides are booked so fast, especially if you are a big group like more than eight people. Don’t forget Japow is very popular now. Of course we can offer last minutes options to slide in.

Here are a few sample trips which we hope give you high level ideas.

Powder in Hokkaido for seven days

Powder and Culture Pilgrimage in both Honshu and Hokkaido

Deep in Tohoku

Long Ski Touring

Actually we have a very good terrain for sledging even in high altitude. Thus you can enjoy ski / snowboard touring in spring!

We have longer day time and milder weather in late March, April and May so that you can go deeper and further. It’s not as well-known as powder and you can get all the best by yourself. You can sledge even from the top of Mt. Fuji!

There are much more options than ones in powder season and this is what I really recommend to you!